English : The Bridge

Undoubtedly these days, English has becomes one of the most leading language in the world. As per the source, out of 195 independent county in this world, more than 50 country use English as an official language of communication or work. In every aspect of life-like education, job, verbal communication, travelling, social media networking,  e-communication, examination [...]


How to improve English speaking?

"English is the global language and becomes the need of today's time. from education to employment, which is first and foremost aspects of life English is must." Here are some tips which can be used for improving fluency or English speaking 1. Never too much focused on grammar. 2. Read as much as you can [...]

Gujarat : Cow slaughter to be punishable by life imprisonment

Friday, Gujarat government amended the state's animal preservation bill as per which, the people who found guilty in cow slaughtering case will be punishable with life imprisonment. as per the amendment, Bill also has a provision for 10 years jail for the transportation or storage or sale of beef. if any vehicle caught for the [...]