Hunger for love (1.2)


When I searched in Google “how many children are orphans worldwide”, results are so surprising.

                                  As per the data 140 million children are orphans all over the world. When I searched the meaning of orphan in Cambridge dictionary it shows “a child whose parents are dead”. But the story is not end here, as per the reports most of these children’s are abandoned by their parents. But why parents can be so cruel and unkind to their own child to such an extent? There are several reasons, which can be associate with “child abandonment”, some are following

A)  Parents are so poor that they financially incapable to taking care of their child.

B) Gender related issue (where boy’s is preferred over girls), handicapped child, appearance, physical and mental health are some reasons.

C) Unwanted child. When couple (mostly unmarried or teenager) involve in sexual intercourse without the use of protection in that case they have no option other than  abortion or abandoning the unwanted child.

D) Teenage pregnancy where raising a child becomes social and psychological distress.

No one can understand the feeling of these orphans, that how much difficult it is to live without parents. where there is no one whom you can say “Mom or Dad”.

As Mother Teresa said:

             “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”


                               Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. There are several nonprofit organization which are currently working to taking care of these children’s, not only by giving them shelter, food or clothes(basic needs) but also via spreading happiness among than. Every year there are several activities and program organized by the NGO and government organisation to aware every citizens of this world that how they can contribute in someone’s happiness either financially or by giving their bit amount of time to these children’s.

                              Every person in this world have a “hunger for love” and our one single step can make someone’s day or may be even a life. We can enjoy our Sunday in between these children by playing some type of game or by doing some type of activity. True thing is that when you give happiness to others, it comes back to you in a same way.

Different nonprofit and government organization working in educating these children’s. Your little bit donation can change someone’s life. You can also contribute to finance the education of any number of children. And as we all know education is the important tool for giving a shape to someone’s career.

By adopting one or two children (if you want) you can give all the happiness of life which they need or belong.

Always remember you can become someone’s reason to smile.


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