Hunger for love (1.1)


Mother teresa – ” spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

                        Now days “Hunger for love” becomes as important as hunger for bread. Everyone want to be loved and nurtured by someone, someone special. The one who understand us very well, who care about us and someone who is with us, in every phase of life. Without that special person,  life seems meaningless and colorless.  But the saddest part of love is, we never valuing that person who cares about us and want to give all happiness of life to us. Simply if you are treating other in an inhuman way than be ready for the consequences of that. Same as true in the case of “hunger for love”, if you treat everyone with love and compassion than the outcome will also be in the same from.

                      Magic happens when you start valuing the love of others. It’s a wonderful experience when we feel connected with other. For example in our family, there is someone, with whom we have a strong bond in comparison to others or in three to four year of college we have a limited circle of friendship, simply because we feel a certain type of strong connection or bond with them. This is not only limited to people, your love for your dog or cat is also the same set of example. so your “hunger for love” can be fulfill only if you are ready to fulfill the “hunger for love” of others. 


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