Importance of Shrine in our life


By going to shrine, god does not make you a superhero but gives you faith and hope, that nothing is impossible in this world, you can also achieve anything in life. Go to the shrine and dedicate  yourself in front of god just for 1-2 min. Its gives you a peace of mind, where to analyse what is right or wrong becomes easy. It gives us such an internal satisfaction that everything seems easy.

We does not know what will be happened with us within next minute, simply because life is full of diversity. Sometimes we financially secure and sometimes face financial difficulty. We have number of friends but still facing some type of loneliness. Uncertain death of beloved one. Pressure of exam or unemployment. Pressure of work in office. Divorce, accident, chronic disease and many more things. that means,  life is “inevitable”. And to face all these odds of life we needs faith and hope, that things will we better again. You need some positive vibes, peace of mind and inspiration, to deal with it. believe me, by going to shrine, you gain belief in life to deal with hopeless situations.

Happy and sad moments are the part of life. we only seeks help of god when we surrounded with sadness, fear or hopeless situations. Try to celebrate your happiness with god. We remember the god when we need something, because we know god is with us.

Do this practice only for one week and you will got the result. If you happy with it, add it in your daily schedule. It can be any place i.e; temple, mosque, church, gurdwara and many other.

Also share your experience with us.


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