English : The Bridge

Undoubtedly these days, English has becomes one of the most leading language in the world. As per the source, out of 195 independent county in this world, more than 50 country use English as an official language of communication or work. In every aspect of life-like education, job, verbal communication, travelling, social media networking,  e-communication, examination or even status in the society is becomes the matter of English. If you have the magic of English, you can achieve anything in life. So in simple word’s its becomes the ” Lingua franca”.

“Lingua franca : a language used for communication between groups of people who speaks different languages” . dictionary.cambridge.org/…h/lingua-franca

Doesn’t matter in which country you live, English is act like a bridge of communication which bounds all of us together. So all we need to do is fortify our skill in this language, not only in speaking area but also in reading, writing and listening. Every one can become the part of this bridge by using the right technology and more interesting thing is that, the technology i am talking about is in your pocket. Yes, you are right that’s mobile phone. Use the mobile applications like YouTube for improving the listening part, WordPress  or Quora for improving writing, e-books for improving reading and finally use of all these things to improve your speaking. so it’s all depends on you that, you wanna be part of that bridge or just wanna live with same old excuses “i can’t do it, i have not proper resources or people’s make fun of mine mistakes”, choice is yours.



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