How to improve English speaking?

“English is the global language and becomes the need of today’s time. from education to employment, which is first and foremost aspects of life English is must.”

Here are some tips which can be used for improving fluency or English speaking

1. Never too much focused on grammar.

2. Read as much as you can (mostly the short stories or topics in which you are quite interested. Novel is another good option but a long reading stuff sometimes becomes boring).

3. Listen to native English speakers (listing is must, via this your ears become familiar with the tone of English and it also improve your pronunciation).

4. Whatever you read and listen, on the basis of that try to write something. Includes new words in your writing that you have read recently.

5. Speak in front of mirror ( it gives you confidence).

6. Speak English as much as you can (doesn’t matter how good it is, ask your friend for feedback who knows English).

7. Use Cambridge dictionary (it’s a great source of information).

8. Talk with customer care in English (  doesn’t matter how good or bad you are in English-speaking they never cut your phone).

follow these tips daily for better results.

best wishes.



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